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Thunderbolt 650 is:

Scott Oliver — Vocals and guitars
Tracy Chisholm — Bass and guitars
Chris Estep — Drums and percussion
Stella — Keys, backing vocals, and all other noises

“Beautifully sweet and flowing melodies beyond compare, wow, amazing!”  —Shoegazer Sanctuary & Radio

Thunderbolt 650, a California based alt-rock outfit that takes a long look at lives lived and the many treasures cast away and left behind like so much debris. These songsmiths forge fresh sonic soundscapes of acoustic and sparkling amplified guitars, soul stirring vocals, and warm echoing bass, woven in a rich tapestry of atmospheric organ, heart lifting drum orchestrations, and creative percussion, breaking the mold of modern music offerings. Signature high/low vocal duets whisper lyrics laid bare with raw honesty from a past-as-present perspective that takes us back to that which was lost, to choices made and a return of the simple truths of youth. A band in rhythm, tracked live and playing together, creating vintage waves of warm analog wonder; they have brought us to this sweet place between tomorrow and yesterday. T650 is an eerie blend of cascading sonic mojo fused with indie ethereal power pop. A true journey not to be missed.

“Thunderbolt 650 has a complexity in dynamics, at times lush and lingering and at other times chimey and chasing, an ethereal juxtaposition of classic alt rock and modern melody-driven indie pop. Hints of The Replacements, Buffalo Tom, and early REM as well as Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and The Black Keys rest upon an updated yet timeless 21st century sound.”

Thunderbolt 650 recording at Del Boca Vista Studios; South Pasadena