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T650 interview with The Blog That Celebrates Itself

T650 Interview with The Blog That Celebrates Itself (Brazil)

T650 interview with The Blog That Celebrates Itself

Scott was recently interviewed by this great bunch in Brazil. The intro is in Portuguese, but the interview is in English. Give the interview a solid by clicking here, then check out some of the TBTCI collections on bandcamp.

Interview highlights:

Q. How do you describe Thunderbolt 500 sounds?
5. I like our sound as my songs were very mellow until Chris brought them alive with his drums and Tracy plays very simple yet driving bass so in the end I think you get a sound that is both warm, mellow and pretty but also with a sonic driving power behind it, also I think an interesting part of our sound is that we have a varied feel to songs that are very different but all seem to carry “our sound”

. . .

Q: What are your plans for the future?
9. Our future plans are to get out and play live, work on promoting our album also learning how to promote in the Digital world. Maybe make a couple of videos, and we have started fleshing out songs to start building a list towards a second album maybe next year


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